Chris "WHIT" Whitaker

Whits first had the vision of putting a band together in early 2016. It started as a just for fun local band but almost immediately became a full time job. Raised by a choir director Whit was raised like most southern kids,  in the choir at church. This is where his love for music began. It wasn't long before he found out about Waylon Jennings and the Outlaw country scene. This is where he fell in love with the real working mans side of country. Whit describes his country as "real" and "gritty". "I want people to feel what I sing, not just hear it". With a voice that is unmistakable you'll know right from the first word that you have an outlaw on your hands.


Brad grew up in the small town of Great Falls, SC. It was there he established his roots in country and southern rock. Brad started off his musical career as a drummer until starting a band with a family member where he switched over to bass. With over 10 years under his belt on the ax you are sure to feel the ground pounding effects from the bass in the shows. Brad came on with WHITS END in January of 2016 completing the puzzle of the sound you hear today.

Steven Branham - Drums

Born and raised in Camden, SC, Steve-Ø began playing drums at age eight and never looked back. While never having a formal lesson, he played through middle and high school along with church orchestras through his teenage years before enlisting in the US Coast Guard, where he was selected to play in the ceremonial band at graduations. He served honorably and was discharged in 2010. After his enlistment, Steven came back home and immediately began playing with old friends and established a few projects and worked as an EMT before ultimately joining Whits End in August of 2018. The band had already been told about him recently by some mutual friends, an audition was scheduled, and his spot was won that same night. You’ll always spot him wearing black, shades on, no filter.


Coming from the Kershaw area Dillon has loved and played guitar ever since he could get his hands on one. Not only does he love outlaw country, 90s, and 2000s country he also has his heart in rock and roll. Pulling influences from Jimmy Page, Slash, Joe Perry and Josh Homme he is always finding ways to throw them into his style.


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